Some of the Issues that bring people to counselling


One in five people experience depression at some time in their lives. It can be associated with physical and mental health or negative life experiences. Symptoms include: sadness, loss of interest in otherwise enjoyable activities, lack of energy, poor concentration, feelings of hopelessness, changes in sleep or eating patterns.

Depression can be debilitating and early intervention is suggested. Treatment for depression includes medication and/or talk therapies, depending on individual circumstances. Research shows that a combination of both is very effective. Click Here to make an appointment with Betty at Lerr counselling Services.


Anxiety is a common feeling and is experienced my most people, particularly at times of stress. Symptoms include: worry, tension, rapid heartbeat, dry mouth, excessive perspiring, and anticipation of doom. When symptoms persist, anxiety can become a constant fearful state and impact significantly on everyday living. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, Click Here to make an appointment with Betty at Lerr Counselling Services.


Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem involves having a generally negative value or opinion of oneself and causes thoughts such as: I’m stupid, I’m not good enough, I’m fat, I’m useless. Low self-esteem has negative effects on personal relationships, careers, and life-style it is also a risk factor for depression. For an appointment with Betty at Lerr Counselling Services, Click Here.


Self-harm is used by some people as a way of coping with stress or extreme emotional pain that is difficult to tolerate. More than 12,000  people attended hospital following acts of self-harm in Ireland in 2011.

However, for many people self-harm is hidden. If you have self-harmed of are thinking about it, you may find talking about your distress with a professional counsellor helpful. At Lerr Counselling Services self-harm is understood as a means of coping with life’s difficulties rather than an attempt to end life. My approach is to help you work through your distress, without judgement, in a safe respectful environment, and to develop safer alternatives for coping. To make an appointment with Betty at Lerr counselling Services, Click Here.


It is not unusual to experience stress at certain times in our lives: work, school, relationships and social situations, although part of everyday life, can, and often do become sources of stress. Symptoms of stress may be; irritability, exhaustion, emotional insecurity, poor concentration, high blood pressure, insomnia.

Counselling can help. By identifying the source of your stress and how it is impacting on your life you can develop healthy ways of managing and reducing this stress. Mindfulness/relaxation techniques can also be integrated into the therapeutic sessions. Click Here to make an appointment with Betty at Lerr Counselling Service.